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A tough task assigned to me when I was requested to write Director's message. Fast Growing Company… Thousands of Happy Customers… Value for Money… Thanks to all supporters… etc… I think every genuine company bother about all above.

What I found uncommon that Monks & Monkeys Travels founded by a Doctor of Medicine, who became professional of the industry in a span of 15+ years of working. When analysing more, then I understand that not only this fact but other things like Name of the Company, Working Culture, Office Atmosphere, Relation to Colleagues, Co-partners and Satisfaction of our Tourists… so many things which are different in a better way. Further realizing that this difference is due to fact that I did not have any roots to travel industry… Neither by family, nor by study. And why so my approach is different. Honesty is the top most priority in Monks & Monkeys Travels.

Well, whatever it is, I assure you to deliver quality travel experience & life time memories.
Happy Travel to You.

Dr Sharad Kumar Jindal

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Thekkady located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Thekkadi is a corner of unspoiled wildlife. The name of the city itself invokes images of natural beauty. Drowning in the lush greenery of the hills of South India to the sounds of elephants, the roar of tigers, and the singing of birds, Thekkadi keeps the Periyar forest reserve, fragrant spices and tea plantations. It is an ideal place for hiking and mountain walks. Embark on a memorable adventure tour, explore tea plantations, spice gardens and tribal settlements, get to know the local culture at close distance.


Hyderabad is also called the Pearl City. He looks like an elderly beautifully dressed princess, whose time has passed. Once the site of the residences of the powerful and wealthy dynasties of Qutb Shah and Asaf-Jahi, the city has seen centuries of luxury and prosperity. Today, the spirit of the centuries is still alive in the Old City, with its old Islamic monuments and even older charm. In fact, the whole city is a scattering of architectural diamonds: graves decorated with patterns, mosques, palaces and houses from the past hid, lurched and fascinate passersby in every corner of the city. Look carefully around.

Mount Abu

The history of Mount Abu is wrapped in legends. According to local people, Mount Abu derives its name from Mount ArbudMount Abu when the minor son of Himalayas, together with the assistance of a snake called Arbud flooded the gorge in the area with water to rescue the revered bull of Shiva. On a more contemporary note, the history of Mount Abu indicates that it was once under the rule of the Chauhan dynasty and later served as a summer residence for the king. The British too favoured this region and made it their improvised escape from the heat and dust of Rajasthan. In the Puranas the region was referred to as Arbudaranya, ("forest of Arbhu") and 'Abu' is a diminutive of this ancient name. It is believed that the sage Vasistha withdrew southern spur to Mount Abu after following its differences with sage Vishvamitra.


Chail is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is 44 kilometres (27 mi) from Shimla and 45 kilometres (28 mi) from Solan. It is known for its salubrious beauty and virgin forests.


Manikaran is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs, as well as the largest settlement in the Parvati Valley. According to legend, in this place Parvati, the husband of Lord Shiva, took a bath, leaving earrings (manicar) on the shore. Earrings left unattended stole the universal serpent Shesha-Naga. Shiva was not happy about this snake behavior, he demanded to return the earrings, threatening to perform a dance of the destruction of the universe. Shesha, in anger and annoyance, threw earrings on the rocks from which hot springs were beaten .


The Konark, often called as the Black Pagoda, was constructed in the mid thirteenth century by Raja Narasinghs Deva-I of the Ganga Dynasty. It is an ample testament to the artistic glory of the time. Conceived in the form of a huge chariot drawn by seven spirited horses on 12 pairs of exquisitely decorated wheels--after the mythical seven horse chariot of Sun God--the temple was unique in its architecture and implementation.


Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by the Rajput leader of the Rathore Rao Jodhaya clan. Rao Jodha successfully conquered nearby territories, and thus the state of Marwar was formed. Initially, Rao Jodha was based in the neighboring town of Mandor , and he served as the capital of the state. However, soon, during the life of this leader, this role passed to Jodhpur. The city was located on the strategic road from Delhi to Gujarat . This allowed him to prosper, receiving income from the trade of opium, copper, silk, sandalwood and coffee. At the beginning of its history, the state became the possession of the Empire of the Great Moguls, preserving, however, autonomy. At this time, Marwar gave the Moguls a number of remarkable military leaders, such as Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Jodhpur and its people received some benefit from being part of the empire: new styles of art and architecture penetrated here, trade flourished.

Pathar Sahib

Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, is a beautiful Gurdwara Sahib constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak, about 25 miles away from Leh, on the Leh-Kargil road, 12000 ft above the sea level. The Gurdwara was built in 1517 to commemorate the visit of Guru Nanak Dev to Ladakh , the founder of the Sikh faith. During his lifetime Guru Nanak travelled to many distant places and one such place was Tibet. Guru Nanak is well respected by Tibetan Buddhists who consider him a saint; The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Buddhists in Tibet, has confirmed this in his discussions with some Sikh leaders saying that Tibetans revere Guru Nanak as a Buddhist saint under the name of Guru Gompka Maharaj.


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