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JourneyQuests.com -What it is?

JourneyQuests.com is an online travel broadcast service for your chosen route. Book trips and travel without getting up from your favorite chair and at a time convenient for you. We will show you the most beautiful and interesting places of RAJASTHANand the suburbs of the Southern region of India, the events that interested you. You will see what is happening in hundreds and thousands of kilometers from you in real time. To form a high-quality picture of your journey, we use modern equipment for broadcasting video images, high-speed data transmission networks.

JourneyQuests.com- Who needs it?

Have you heard a lot about the Taj Mahal of Agra or about mysterious Rajasthan and you want to learn more and see everything yourself? Can you not make time for this trip or have you not planned the cost of traveling to India? Have you been living online for a long time or are you just very curious? You are ready to refuse a long-distance flight or a trip, to make a small contribution to the protection of the ecology of our planet. If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, use the JourneyQuests.com service. Choose the route you are interested in or invent it yourself and go on a trip.

JourneyQuests.com - How to order the tour?

To go on an online trip you need to do just a few steps. Choose a route. You can choose one of the popular walking or road routes or you can suggest an individual route yourself. 2. Specify the time, details of the route, the need for guided tours, other features. 3. Agree on a route 4. Submit your quest. Try to ink your quest, with maximum detail, so that our expert could help you in a better manner, against which JourneyQuests.com would send you a thank you mail regarding same 5. JourneyQuests.com would provide you maximum 4 options from different authentic and certified travel expert regarding your desire tour package, coordination with them, customize tour package and choose the best one. “JourneyQuests.com could end your endless and stressful search”

JourneyQuests.com - How much is it?

The best and attractive part of JourneyQuests.com is – IT IS FREE. You just a click away to get free hand pick, tailor made and customizable tour packages. Authentic travel expert associated with us, would help you out to get the best travel quote with assurance of best and memorable service and you would be free to choose the best one among all those. The cost of the tour is determined by the duration, the need for excursion accompaniment, other features that you will indicate when agreeing on the route. Popular routes are a trip to interesting places in India with a pre-designed route, fixed cost and time. Individual routes are formed according to your wishes. It may take more time to prepare them. During the trip we will try to answer your questions and stop at the places that you are interested in and fulfil your other wishes.


When coordinating a route or when conducting a tour, the following restrictions apply: The route must pass through public places, be formed taking into account the restrictions of the places in the territory where the route passes. A tour should not create a hazard or should not endanger a company’s personnel providing a tour. The tour should not be connected with the subject of extremism, racial discrimination, terrorism, violence, pornography, during its conduct violation of the legislation of the India is not allowed.

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