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A tough task assigned to me when I was requested to write Director's message. Fast Growing Company… Thousands of Happy Customers… Value for Money… Thanks to all supporters… etc… I think every genuine company bother about all above.

What I found uncommon that Monks & Monkeys Travels founded by a Doctor of Medicine, who became professional of the industry in a span of 15+ years of working. When analysing more, then I understand that not only this fact but other things like Name of the Company, Working Culture, Office Atmosphere, Relation to Colleagues, Co-partners and Satisfaction of our Tourists… so many things which are different in a better way. Further realizing that this difference is due to fact that I did not have any roots to travel industry… Neither by family, nor by study. And why so my approach is different. Honesty is the top most priority in Monks & Monkeys Travels.

Well, whatever it is, I assure you to deliver quality travel experience & life time memories.
Happy Travel to You.

Dr Sharad Kumar Jindal

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Ujjain is one of the seven sacred cities of India. By itself, very dumb and unattractive for tourists. This is one of four places in India where the Hindu festival Magh Mela ( Kumbh Mela ) takes place every 12 years , in which millions of people from all over India take part. The next such festival will be held from April 22 to May 21. Ujjain is known since the time of the Buddha (6th century BC) as the capital of the kingdom of Avanti and the starting point of astronomical and astronomical calculations — the zero meridian passed through the city.

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake (Pangong Tso, Pangong Tso, Pangong Tso, Pangong Lake) is a beautiful alpine lake on the border of India and Tibet. Part of it lies in Ladakh , part in Western Tibet . It is salty and almost lifeless , surrounded by the Himalayas , accessible only in the summer months. This is the largest and most beautiful lake in Ladakh. Ladakh animals are usually very shy, especially if you ride a loud motorcycle like our Royal Enfield )). Animals can only be seen from afar and they immediately run away, so it’s almost impossible to video them, let alone touch / squeeze / feed.


Bhuj ( eng. Bhuj , Guj. ભુજ ) - a city and municipality in the western part of the Indian state of Gujarat . The administrative center of the district of Kutch. the city is a hill known as Bhujia Hill, on which there is a Bhujia Fort, that separates Bhuj city and Madhapar town ( considered one of the richest villages in Asia ).


Maheshwat is a city located on the banks of the holy river Narmada, 90 km. from Indore to Madhya Pradesh . Now Maheshwar is associated primarily with an exquisite tender sari of revenge claps and silk. However, at the dawn of Indian civilization, Maheshwar was a real hotbed of culture, religion and politics. He even got into the great Indian epic Ramayana and Mahabharata , where he is referred to as Mahishmati.


Bekal (Bekal) - a small coastal city in the northern part of Kerala. The sandy beach, surrounded by palm trees, is very quiet and calm. Nearby stands the famous Bekach-fort , which is more than 300 years old. It is believed that it was built in the 1650s by Shivappa Naik from the Ikeri dynasty, later transferred to Khader Ali Mysoressky, and later to the British.


Chittorgarh is a major city and transport hub in the southern part of the West Indian state of Rajasthan. Chittor is of great historical and cultural interest due to the huge fort of the same name located there, in the territory of which there are several Jain and Hindu temples, including operating monuments of architecture and a museum. Chittaurgah (or Chittor), located 115 km to the north-east of Udaipur, was the strongest bastion of Hindu resistance to the Mogul conquerors. The Chittorgarh Fortress receives annually in its complex many tourists from all over the world. In addition, thanks to the history of this majestic fortress, your visit will become even more interesting. Magnificent historical monuments certainly deserve to spend beside them for a while in solitude, reflecting on the heroism of the rulers of Mevar. The heritage of the Rajasthan Fortress, "it is necessary to visit", it cannot be left without attention.


Namdapha, a National Park and Tiger Reserve, a true wilderness and enchanting beauty of lush green vegetation, impenetrable pristine and virgin forests covered an area of 1985.23 square kilometres having diverse flora and fauna lies in the international border between India and Myanmar (Burma) within Changlang District in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast India.


Ravangla or Rawangla or Ravongla is a small tourist town situated at an elevation of 7000 ft in South Sikkim district of the Indian state of Sikkim. It is connected by state highway to other major towns in the state and lies between Pelling and Gangtok. It acts as the starting point for the trek to Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary. It is approximately 65 km away from the state capital Gangtok and 120 km away from Siliguri, West Bengal.


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